Season 2 Episode 2 A Different Kind of Day Care with The Filo Project

This podcast includes content funded by The British Podcast Awards and Wellcome Trust.

How important is socialising for a person living with dementia? Penny visits a scheme in Devon which provides what it calls a different kind of day care.

The Filo Project offers a high quality experience for small groups of older people in an intimate home setting.

Penny chats to co-founders, Libby Price and Liz Dennis, meets staff and clients, and experiences a Filo day for herself.

She also talks to Linda Clare, Professor of Clinical Psychology of Ageing and Dementia at the University of Exeter Medical School, about her study exploring people’s experiences of living well with dementia.

With thanks to The British Podcast Awards and Wellcome Trust for including Discovering Dementia as part of the Pulse Award.

For more information on The Filo Project – @filoproject @filoproject12

To find out about the IDEAL study at the University of Exeter – @IDEALStudyTweet #ExeterDementia

Artwork in the photos of Filo Project clients by Hannah Maule-Ffinch – @hannahmff

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